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Recent Activities

Current lab mates and alumni attended the 19th Annual Human-Robot Interaction Conference (HRI 2024)

.We co-organized one of the workshops with Virginia Tech and George Washington University, presented our papers, and served as session chairs at the HRI 2024. 

Prof. Dawn Tilbury has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), which is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. 

*NAE Announcement: 

Dr. Lionel Robert is named as a 2023 Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for his contributions to the study of technology-mediated human and human-robot collaborations. 

Connor Esterwood's paper titled "The theory of mind and human–robot trust repair"  has been accepted to Scientific Reports - Nature. 

*Paper link:

Our lab members (Connor Esterwood, Arsha Ali, and Hongjiao Qiang) showcased their excellent research at the 2023 ARC ANNUAL PROGRAM REVIEW. 

New Magic Leap 2 sensor now available in the lab!

Dr. Dawn Tilbury is named the Herrick Professor of Engineering and makes @michiganengineering's Instagram page for her achievements (May 2, 2022).

Suresh (ME PhD '21) and Arsha (ROB MS '22) attended Rackham Graduate Exercises, where Suresh was hooded by Dr. Dawn Tilbury (Apr 29, 2022).

Showcased our driving simulator and omni-directional treadmill setups to Representatives Graham Filler and  Mark Huizenga (Aug 16, 2021).

Celebrated new PhD students Na Du, Hebert Azevedo Sa, and Suresh Kumaar Jayaraman (Aug 1, 2021).

Hebert Azevedo Sa and Suresh Kumaar Jayaraman both defended their thesis (July 23, 2021).

Held an end-of-term celebration along with the Barton Research Group and the Tilbury Lab Research Group (May 22, 2021). 

Recent Radios Appearances 

Did an interview on the Internet of Things Podcast  with Stacey Higginbotham in Episode 335: Robots need a Myers-Briggs type (Aug 26, 2021).

Did an interview today (July 12, 2018) on autonomous vehicles for Michigan Radio.

Appeared on The Capital City Recap with Ed Rivet (Mar 26, 2018).

Did an interview Mar 20, 2018 on autonomous vehicles for Michigan Radio.

Recent Television Appearances

Did an interview Mar 19, 2018 on autonomous vehicles for WXYZ.

Appeared on Korean Television Mar 22, 2018.

Recent Print Interviews 

Quoted (Feb 26, 2022) in Yahoo News

Quoted (Feb 22, 2022) in RT News

Quoted (Feb 14, 2022) in The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Quoted (Feb 14, 2019) in Futurism

Quoted (Oct 1, 2018) in Hour Detroit

Profiled (Sept 27, 2018) in Clemson World Alumni Profile

Quoted (June 12, 2018) in Washington Examiner "Race to develop self-driving cars unabated by string of fatal crashes"

Quoted (Mar 27, 2018) in Michigan Daily "University research community responds to Ariz. self-driving car fatality"

Quoted (Mar 21, 2018) in Arizona Daily Independent "Driverless Uber In Tempe Kills Woman, Experts Say More Research Needed"

Quoted (Mar 21, 2018) in "Self-driving cars are already really safe" "Self-driving cars are already really safe" "Self-driving cars are already really safe" "Self-driving cars are already really safe" "Self-driving cars are already really safe"

Great article and video on our research on trust in autonomous vehicles..

Recently quoted (Nov 10, 2017) in "Inc."